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TPC entering the Middle East along “Belt and Road”


On February 13, TPC Group Co., Ltd., a supplier of packaging board paper, packaging products and services, officially sign stratigic cooperation with Dubai’s client for next 3 years. This is another important move taken by TPC in its expansion of the overseas market after its Russian subsidiary was officially put into operation in June 2017.

In recent years, Chinese enterprises have sped up their pace of internationalization, actively made their layout in emerging markets, and increased the influence of their proprietary brands. As an important hub along the “Belt and Road,” the Middle East has an extremely important strategic position. Dubai, an economic and financial center, is a transit trade center linking the Middle East, Africa and even South Asia, and therefore becomes one of the most important overseas bases for companys. The purpose of TPC’s setup of business in the Middle East is to bring its most advanced, premium and cutting-edge technologies and products to the Middle East market, so as to better serve the customers and consumers in the region.

TPC presented a series of products, such as  cosmetics packaging box, gift packaging, food packaging,beverage packaging…,  showcasing its powerful strength in such fields as packaging and paper&board supplying.

In the first half of 2017,  TPC’s total market share of packaging carton box ranks No.1, packaging paper ranks No.2. It is an important supplier for many famous packaging brands in the world.

With respect to its global industrial layout, TPC has further enhanced its international presence, and grow business in such countries as the U.S., Germany, Canada, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, Spain, and Brazil, with its service system covering major regions of the world including Europe, America and Asia. TPC’s growing business in the Middle East will not only enhance the brand influence of China, but also boost the economic and industrial development of the Middle East, and the region’s coordination with China in jointly building the “Belt and Road.”

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