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Packaging Kraft Paper&Board

​High Burst High stacking loads. Smooth surface. High water resistance. Kraft linerboard is unbleached linerboard manufactured from unbleached kraft pulp and recovered paper, which is very popular in packaging industry. It can well resists to compression from stacking. Basis weights : 125, 150, 185,200 and 230g/m2

White coated testliner board is high-strength white kraft paper with white coating, integrating the high strength of the kraft paper and the excellent printability of the white coated paper. It could replace the traditional white coated paper.For the high-end white paperboard and carton to be printed with high-precision images. Basis Weight: 140 ~ 250 g/m2

Fluting Medium/Corrugating Medium paper, which is made of Recycled Chemical-Mechanical Pulp, undergoes surface sizing, achieves superior strength and physical properties, can  satisfies the needs of the customers for different classes and weights in packaging field. Basis Weight: 50 ~ 180 g/m2