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1910 Room, DongYa WangJing Center, A Building, No. 401, WangJing Yuan, ChaoYang District, Beijing, China
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TPC aim for professionalism and full integration of resources in every field, embracing a progressive vision, macro strategies, and advanced technologies that are in sync with our times. We aspire to turn into an innovative and professional trailblazer in our industry, as well as continue to create value and reformation, improving the quality of our lives and creating a sustainable environment.

We have great interest in emerging industries and are always willing to invest in companies with business potential and research capabilities. Collaborating with these teams foster world-class industries, promoting human welfare and sustainability.

We also insist on a business philosophy that emphasizes proper ways of conduct. Forbearance is the model in our creation of a rich company history that fills every member with pride. We are also always eager to share our experiences and practice new ideas with business partners and the whole world.