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TPC paper is specialized in the coated duplex board grey back&white back, coated kraft back duplex board, greychip board, folding box board, art paper board, PE coated cup paper, craft paper, coated&uncoated kraft testliner paper, corrugated medium paper, and paper box, carton box, paper board packaging.

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Paper box means paper board box and colorful corrugated board box, which are made of two materials: plastic materials, cardboard paper paper. It has characteristics of light weight, portable, wide source, environmental protection and exquisite printing. At present, carton paper board packaging include food, wine, medicine, daily use, cosmetics, tobacco, electronic products and so on. Despite the strong challenge of plastic packaging globally, paper box industry is still growing steadily, and Chinese market is full of vitality, which is a bright spot in the growth of global paper board box market.

At present, paper board packaging is widely used in tobacco, food, medicine and daily chemical industry, this demand in packaging industry is expanding everyday. As one of the fastest growing countries in the world economy, Chinese packaging and printing consumption potential has created a great attraction for global paper board box manufacturers, everyone is trying best to enter China and seize the market. The reason of paper board box packaging stand out from many packaging materials is not only light weight, easy carrying, but also environment-friendly feature, it is absolute ground to develop paper board packaging mainly nowadays.  Due to fierce marketing competition, external image of commodities is becoming more and more important in marketing, so more and more enterprises realize packaging importance for brand recognition. It is  perfect choice for packaging by using paper box and cardboard box.

Analysis of demand trend of paper box packaging in some industries:

Pharmaceutical industry:  the United States, Japan, Britain, Germany, France and Italy have largest market share in the world pharmaceutical packaging industry, while China is fastest growing country. Today, Chinese pharmaceutical packaging industry output value is about 15 billion yuan, more than 6000 existing national pharmaceutical enterprises, also includes a number of health food production enterprises. According to survey, 65% of Chinese pharmaceutical packaging is still lagging behind world levels in the 1980s, quality of packaging materials is very low, so very weaker contribution to the pharmaceutical industry. In developed countries, packaging cost take up 30% of whole medicine value, but in China, it is lower than10%. In future, people pay more attention on health and health care, pharmaceutical and health care industry will have greater development. All above require safe and effective use of medicine. As paper box packaging manufacturer, therefore, it is expected to have much larger market by supplying protective and convenient paper board packaging.

Cosmetics industry:  Annual growth rate for cosmetics box packing has been between 10% and 15% in past few years. With improvement of people’s living standard, market demand for cosmetic packaging boxes with high value-added and exquisite (generally account for 15% ~ 20% of total cosmetics cost) is increasing day by day.